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Welcome to 'Life and Vision' !!

To introduce myself, my name is Nitesh, and by profession, I have years of industry experience working as IT professional. During my profession, I have worked in cross-functional, cross-culture professional groups and had the opportunity to travel to many countries. I say I have been fortunate enough to have got the chance to connect with people from various corporate cultures and backgrounds during my entire profession, that gave me a new vision to life.  

I am very passionate about writing on subjects related to our society and in general on various subjects from day to day life. My keen interest in most of my contributions recently has been in writing on topics like Self help, Personal finance, Health and wellness, Social responsibility, life and daily matters. The idea of having this website was to share knowledge and invite thoughts from everyone in most interesting topics from our day to day life.

I have been reading, researching, writing and contributing on related topics and I really enjoy bringing innovation in thoughts and presenting information that is useful to others. I try to bring here knowledge, inspiration, and wider visioning on key aspects from our cultures, society and life. I hope this platform will be helpful to many in some form or the other.

"A smallest contribution by everyone pays off worth of life on earthly heaven !!"

It gives me immense pleasure when I receive feedbacks and get people added in the list. I like to network and connect with people, and having an ever-growing network is what keeps us rejuvenated while igniting thoughts as ever growing.

This is a joint effort by group of people and you to bring in innovation and boost thoughts that improves your way of life.

Please do leave your thoughts, comments and fill in the contact form or subscribe if you wish to be added to the list.

Wishing you all the very best and thank you for visiting !!

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