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Sunday, 4 August 2013

10 great tips to a healthy sleep

In a fast paced life as of today, most people neglect sleeps which is the most necessary ingredient of life. One must have a sufficient sleep in order to have a healthy mind, body and life. The modern lifestyle has gone more monotonous where people start early with a bunch of things in hand to work. The busy lifestyle does not give them enough space to care for their health, and the minds are not very productive. In fact, most people have a machine like capability to work with their minds, unless there is a proper sleep, a person can't think better and remain efficient.

A daily office going person gets up in the morning with a 5-6 hours sleep, brushes his teeth and gets into regular daily activities. He actually killed his sleep for the sake of continuing with his daily activities and remains inefficient throughout the day, moreover, his mental ability to think bright and colorful is lost. While as you see in the small towns or villages, you have enough space with not a very busy lifestyle unlike cities, people are more innovative and cultured with enough space for lot of other things in life.

There are ten things as tips one need to consider to have a better life with a healthy sleep:-

1. Bed time: A person should set a regular bedtime every night to go to sleep. Finish your things early so that you have no other thing to carry delaying your set time. If you say 10 PM, finish your things by 9.45 pm so that you have 15 minutes in hand to catch up with your sleep.

2. Wake time: If you had a comfortable complete sleep, you should be able to wake up naturally without an alarm. Consider 7-8 hours of complete sleep without any breaks. If you slept in time, your sleep time will go regular as per your appetite as an adult.

3. Day sleep: Consider day sleep if due to your busy routine you missed your sleep or have had an incomplete sleep. If you need to makeup for a few lost hours in sleep, opt for a daytime nap of 30 minutes to 1 hour during afternoon. This really helps for many as the miss sleeps often due to heavy work pressures. In fact, very good times when you feel to sleep is after your breakfast in the morning, say by 10 to 10.30 am for 30 minutes gives you excellent feeling, or after lunch that is between 3 to 4 pm, sleep is good for you.

4. Eating habbits: Have a regular fixed eating habits during the day and inculcate in your lifestyle. Do not eat outside food much, have home cooked foods, avoid junk foods etc. Stop consuming alcohols or drugs that spoils your health and kicks off your sleep creating a lot of disorder in your body. Also, avoid taking a lot of coffees during the day, in fact caffeine is also a mild alcohol and kicks of your sleep making your life more cumbersome. Smoking is very injurious as it not only spoils your mind and sleep, in fact it kills productive cells in your body making you very unhealthy. 

5. Turn off television: Most people tend to watch television late in evenings and before bedtimes after having their dinner. One must avoid this to have a better sleep. Keep only half an hour to one hour during weekdays say 8 to 9 pm in the evening is good enough to watch television. Switch off the television and go for your dinner at 9 pm, this makes a better lifestyle. Watching television till late night spoils your sleep totally, in fact turn to reading books or novels before going to sleep, this will empower your sleep with better thoughts.

6. Room environment: Have a healthy room environment to go for a sleep, keep the night bulbs the darker is better. Fan is good, turn off the air conditioners, the natural air is healthy for your body, rather think of moving to part of city where you have less pollution and fresh air surrounded with trees and gardens. Keep 
cleanliness in your rooms and workplace, do it by yourselves and get habituated to it.

7. Exercise: Having a regular exercise will stimulate your body to do enough activities efficiently during the day. If your body works out enough during the day, it will automatically tend to taking a deep sleep during the night. It keeps your body cells charged up, stimulates them and keeps you active throughout the day, so enjoy doing mild exercise in the morning or during the day as per your convenience.

8. Bedtime habbits: Try the most efficient adapted best habbits before bedtime to enjoy a peaceful sleep like read a book,novel or magazine with dim light, take a warm bath in the morning and evening after coming from work, listen to soft music before sleep, listen to audio speeches by great individuals along bedside, all this should help you to get a comfortable sleep and will prepare you for your next day.

9. Relaxation techniques: Most people are unhealthy due to their busy lifestyle and tend to find short cut methods to relax like body massaging, parlors etc. It is good to adapt to meditation and yoga as a relaxation technique, it gives your body and soul a boost energy to fight with daily hassles in life. 

10. Be sporty: Sports are best exercises to keep you fit and healthy, in fact is a key to solve all your problems in life. If you are sporty, it gets you exercise well and gives you a comfortable sleep more than a peaceful mind. Due to lack of space and time, most people tend to avoid sports unlike olden days when people had enough leisure to play and meet people in vicinity. 

Enjoy a great sleep and live healthy !!

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