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Thursday, 25 July 2013

5 effective ways to present your resume

There are many different formats of resume you may present to your prospective employer. While most employers ask for a specific format preferably word format to present your candidature, there has been a trend seen in recent past that employers are also accepting other formats as pdf, videos etc. If your prospective employer is not specific about the format in which your resume is to be presented, you may look to opt any of the below formats.

1. Word format: The most prevalent format is the word format in which you can present your experiences to your prospective employer. There are numerous templates available online that you may pull to present your resume. This will include your Objective, Professional summary, experiences, skills, certifications, achievements, personal details etc.

2. PDF format: Also, many people convert their word formats to pdf which looks more neat and reliable. Also, you may look to protect the content by making it read only and preventing from copy. This format however is more presentable and effective to share online.

3. Video format: Nowadays, many job seekers also like to present their profile in a video format presenting their skills, experiences and background. Most job search portals like Monster etc do provide feature to upload profile in video. The added benefit here is that the recruiters may be able to get a glimpse of your personality and you have the chance to present your experiences effectively in your own impressive words. You may upload your profile to youtube also. 

4. Powerpoint format: Many also look to present their profile in powerpoint format. It is easy to prepare and very readable for the reviewer. You may split categories under each slides as Objective, Executive Summary, Professional Experiences, Skills digest, Trainings & Certifications, Education Background, Personal Information etc.

5. Excel format: A better way to present your professional background is making it in an excel format. The benefit with excel is, you may detail each of your professional experience by listing down each of your tasks you have carried out in your projects. Make tabs as Professional summary, experiences, skills, certifications, achievements, personal details. Especially the Professional experiences tab will be most useful in drilling down in detail to what you did in your projects. 

It is up to you how you present your resume to impress the hiring manager enough so you get to the interview. You may look to choose a type of resume that highlights your strengths and achievements. As advised, the preferred length of your resume must be 2-3 pages, as the employers are not willing to spend long to read your resume. Your resume must be catchy and impressive for recruiter to get attracted at a first glance. 

Even though most industries prefer to stick to the electronic word format that is decent and readable with black ink, you may look to prove your creativity and professional knowledge by utilizing traditional and innovative methods to present your credentials.

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