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Sunday, 19 May 2013

Top 10 desirable government jobs in India

Government Jobs
Government jobs have always been the most coveted ones in India for their security and stability. With the coming of the sixth pay commission, it has got even better. The pay packets are higher than before, and there are plenty of perks and benefits to enjoy. However, getting a government job isn’t easy. There are very few vacancies and you have to get through some really tough exams in order to land a job in the government sector.

Still, if you are keen on getting a government job, you can pick from the list of 10 below, which are the most coveted government jobs in India:

1. Indian Administrative Services (IAS)- This is the most respected job in India that candidates crave for. Every year, lakhs of students appear for IAS exam in order to get one of the most coveted government jobs in the country. The IAS exam in conducted in three stages- the prelims, the mains and the interview. An IAS officer enjoys all benefits like a good take home salary, power prestige, nice accommodation, health benefits and even better perks and benefits.  In order to become an IAS officer, you need to possess a degree from an Indian university for which you will be eligible to appear for Union public Service Commission, UPSC’s civil service examination, which you need to clear, to bag the position. 

2. Indian foreign service (IFS)- Do you love travelling? Then you will absolutely love your job as an IFS officer. An IFS officer gets to represent India in other countries. Your job profile includes posting in some of the best countries of the world and interacting with foreign dignitaries.

3. Indian revenue service (IRS)- If you do not want to get too involved in the politics of the country, Indian Revenue Service is a good field to get into. You get to work in the income tax department, enjoy a good pay package, perks and benefits, without too many political hassles. Indian Revenue Service requires professionals to deal with matters regarding Income Tax. In the beginning of their career, professionals opting for this field of work are designated as the Assistant Commissioners of Income Tax, but later they may get promoted to the level of Chief Commissioners of Income Tax. This position also requires applicants to clear UPSC’s civil service examination. However, the best part of this job is that you can expect better locations for posting. Moreover, there is lesser political hassle as compared to the IAS officer’s post.

4. Lecturer in a government university- How about a career where you have to work only a few hours a day and interact with students? The position of lecturer in a government university is also a coveted one when it comes to government jobs in India. The pay package is sizeable and it is relatively a stress-free job.

5. Bank probationary officer- The Indian banking sector has grown a lot in the last decade or so. With increased competition, public banks too are now offering competitive salaries and a lot of perks to candidates. That makes the position of bank probationary officer one of the most desirable ones when it comes to government jobs in India.

6. State public service commission- A state public service commission officer is lower in rank than an IAS or an IPS. However, he/she still enjoys a lot of power and an opportunity to do something for the home state. If you prefer to work in an administrative position in your home state, then what could be better than this job, as it will give you a golden opportunity to work in your home state? You also need to clear UPSE examination to work in this field of work. The job is quite commendable, as although the job places you below the position of IAS and IPS officers’ position still you can work hard and reach the positions reserved for IAS and IPS officers.

7. Defense- If you dream about serving the country, you could appear for NDA exams, which give you a chance to serve in the Indian National Army. Army officers enjoy great prestige and honor in the country.

8. A job in public sector units- There are several public sector units such as Steel Authority of India, Bharat Electronics etc. which employ qualified graduates. A job in a PSU comes with security, perks, and a fat pay packet.

9. Engineer in Indian Railways- If you have an engineering degree, you could apply for the position of an engineer in Indian Railways. A job in Indian Railways ensures plenty of perks including free travel, apart from the opportunity of managing around 1000 workers every day.

10. Indian police service- A job as a police officer may be hectic and challenging, but it is still one of the most desirable government jobs in the country. Every year, thousands of applicants go through the tough written exams and physical examinations in order to get a job as an IPS officer.

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