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Saturday, 18 May 2013

Comparison between a Private Job and a Government Job

Well, there is a huge difference between a Government Job and a Private Job but it is difficult to say which is better while both has its pros and cons. You could bet to say which is a perfect job for you, that could be because neither one is completely perfect, in fact there is nothing to say as a ‘perfect job’. However you can base your choice on what probably suits you, your lifestyle and your future goals better. To do that it is always best to have enough information so that you can make the best possible decision. 

              While pvt. jobs have higher pay, higher growth rate, but very stress full environment, govt. jobs score in perks, job security, *status*,and stress less environment.

                   One of the main reasons why people consider government jobs is for stability and job security. Government jobs are more difficult to get because of this, but if you have got your hands on one then you can be sure that you will have that job unless otherwise you decide to leave. They also come with good retirement benefits unlike jobs in the private sector. However, if you were to consider the salary scales, it is a known fact that government jobs pay lesser than any private organizations and have limited benefits.  In the recent years however, with the demand for specific skills and experiences, government sectors have assessed their salary scales to suit the job market to ensure more suitable candidates can be recruited in to those specific job roles. Let us get to more detail...

                          Traditionally, government jobs have been considered safe with no or little threat of job loss, especially when job opportunities in the private sector were not. There was a time when governments, both Federal and State, were the biggest employers. Then, job seekers believed that bagging a government job made their or their children's lives more secure. I am sure if there are some improvements in government sectors viz. policies and infrastructures there will be again a big attraction for people and you will find people leaving their jobs from private companies and moving to govt sectors.

What Influences Candidates Towards Government Jobs? (Pros)
Nevertheless, Government jobs have traditionally offered many perks which private jobs do not. Here are a few job benefits and reasons for choosing a government job over a one in the private sector.

1.Pension: This is one of the attractions, as you get the pension for your lifetime after you retire, this is like a complete insurance for your entire life.
2.Financial services, such as mortgages at a low rate of interest offered by the respective department where the employee is working.
3.Salaries: Promotions and pay raises offer immediate social recognition/status to employees at specified intervals. Also, you have the salaries in time without a fear of layoffs and downturns. There are no salary cuts if company is making losses unlike private companies.
4.Promotions: Higher positions often entail unmatched administrative power. So you have the recognition with position that ultimately brings job satisfaction with experience.
5.Relatively stronger immunity against job loss.
6.References work good in government jobs than in private jobs as the environment is bound with trust and honesty. Some governments promise employment to relatives of employees. 
7.More relaxed, congenial working style.
8. Perks: Most Government organizations provide housing facilities (like govt quarters without any hassles of rent etc), commuting, free health care for the family, allowances - Dearness allowances (DA), Travelling allowances (TA). 
9. Leaves & Vacations: This is one of the most lucrative offer with the Government companies as you can always bag maximum holidays as there is less stress. Perks as LTAs etc are very flexible to claim. 
10. Sense of Social Security: There is a strong sense of social & moral security with the government organizations. 
11. Retirement benefits: Retirement benefits are tremendous as compared to private companies like PF, Pension, Gratuity etc.

Negatives in Government Jobs (Cons)
Government jobs offer a low starting salary, in comparison to private employers. Salary hikes are sometimes meager as they are regulated by standardization. Career growth opportunities can be few and far between, as promotions are standardized and often based on seniority. Another aspect of government jobs is that they may be perceived as less challenging. A common complaint about government jobs is that the routine and mundane nature of the job often leads to complacency.

                   On the other hand however, with higher salaries at private sector jobs come more working hours and sometimes jobs with bigger scope. That means you won’t have the luxury of working nine to five like in a government job or being paid for over time. But, you can be sure to get recognition for the work that you do and climbing the corporate ladder is much easier than in the government sector, as here you won’t necessarily have to go through certain strict procedure and hierarchy that is a must in the government sector. Let us see more details...

Private Sector Jobs: Why Should You Choose Them

The private sector offers the maximum number of employment opportunities. This is true for any developing or developed country. Private sector jobs, even though they do not guarantee job security, offer high career potential growth opportunities. This is by far the biggest reason for their popularity along with the huge demand that they create. Job seekers often opt for private sector employment because of their fast paced and modern recruitment procedures. In the private sector, true talent is recognized and sought out by various selection techniques.

1.Selection procedure provides an even playing field for all applicants. This is unlike the government sector, where selection is often made based on seniority or knowing someone in a particular agency.
2.True talent is unearthed before the selection through interviews and brainstorming.
3.Lucrative starting salaries and high growth potential through what is called "merit based" promotions and salary hikes.
4.Fast paced working style and environments give employees job satisfaction and eventually fosters loyalty and dedication.

Cons of Private Sector Jobs
There are downsides to private sector jobs as well, such as long working hours-depriving employees of a meaningful family life. Mental stress and early aging are said to be byproducts of private sector jobs.

Considering all these factors, you can decide if you want a job that’s challenging, where you have the flexibility to change or alter processes and working hours OR whether you want to have better job security, retirement benefits and in general be working for a cause that may directly affect the country’s future.

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